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Shipping Terms:
1. Consignment note will serve as the basis for Drawing-up a bill of lading, please shipper terms of transport practices and the responsibility to
Order to correctly fill out (please print);
2. Due to completing consignment notes caused by errors or incomplete data can not be timely shipment of goods, shipped the wrong destination, to mention
A single error can not be settlement and can not pick up, etc., with all the responsibility, risks, disputes, costs met by care
Transported to bear the burden;
3. The shipper must pay the required transport incidentals, such as the shipper promised on time and pay the full cost of
Every day by 5% of the total freight charges paid late fees, and take due to take any effective measures to recover costs
With all the losses arising.
4. Consignment note content must fill Qi signed by the managers with company stamp valid.
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