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Warehousing function
Author:    Release Date :2010-9-30   Views: 1953
       In the logistics system, warehousing and transport is equally important factors. On entering the warehouse functions including cargo logistics system, management, storage, stockpiling maintenance, the maintenance and so on a series of activities. Main effect of storage to two aspects: one is to guarantee the use value and value of goods, goods delivery to customers is necessary in the logistics center, and the processing activities. With the development of economy, the logistics by few varieties, large logistics into many varieties, small batch or batches, small batch, warehousing logistics functions from the attention on how to keep efficiency gradually to smoothly delivery and distribution. Circulation warehouse logistics functions as a stronghold in circulation, the service assignments plays an important role, it will no longer be in storage is the main objective. Circulation warehouse includes sorted, distribution, inspection, classification and more homework, batches, small batch goods distribution functions such as additional labels, packaging circulation processing function. According to the purposes, warehouse forms can be divided into: distribution center (circulation center), distribution warehouse: has the delivery and distribution function of processing, Storage: store in central storehouse of warehouse, Logistics in warehouse, storage, delivery, has the processing function, flow distribution of the warehouse.
Modern warehousing logistics system of production function Settings to support for the form of warehouse and provide stable supply of parts and material, will assume alone enterprise to social security reserve gradually reduce the public reserve, bear the risk of enterprise management, reduce logistics cost, promote the enterprise gradually formed zero inventory management mode of production materials.
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