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  RMB exchange rate appreciation export enterprise with business difficult 2011/5/6
  How to think about China between asean trade deficit? 2011/5/3
  China next year several "small metal" limit exports 2010/11/8
  Euramerican or teaming up to press China rare earth exports 2010/11/1
  Re not sharp change export quotas 2010/10/26
  Article 108 of Canton export ending issue "warmed clears." 2010/10/25
  The first three year Swiss trade growth 2010/10/25
  China may limit ceramics export 2010/10/23
  Article 108 of guangzhou first runners-up closing financial crisis 2010/10/22
  China's first big exporters in tajikistan 2010/10/22
  2010 sino-italian trade or reach 400 million dollars 2010/10/15
  On September sino-indian trade by 2010, increase 24.5% 2010/10/15
  Europe and France continues to increase imports of textiles 2010/10/14
  The Chinese media say may terminate Argentina soybean import ban 2010/10/13
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