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RMB exchange rate appreciation export enterprise with business difficult
Author:    Release Date :2011-5-6   Views: 1989

The price hike in raw materials, labor costs rose and RMB appreciation of factors such as the fair, make 109 celebrate the export enterprise business has become more and more difficult.
Guangdong, assistant President gram group LiuGuiZhong react strongly, this round of raw materials will lead to rising business "explosion pot". Home appliance giant hisense also think production costs has become the biggest challenge, its international marketing marketing manager ZhangYe said, "or not do, or lose money, we has reached the point with customer talk price."

If, say, of the price hike in raw materials of input sex inflation, so the growth of labor costs, it reflects the "made in China" long-term have labor advantage is lost. Hangzhou light industrial process textiles import and export Co., LTD LinYan just think, manager of southeast Asia has greatly below China's labor costs; More shoemaking enterprise discloses, now Labour costs have accounted for manufacturing costs more than 20%.

RMB appreciation was the Chinese foreign trade enterprise unavoidable question, sign the bill to delivery time, from the yuan against the dollar may appreciate many, is probably going to gobble up all profits ".

The dollar and yuan appreciation, cause the Chinese foreign trade pattern change from the past euramerican businessman reluctant to sign long single to now Chinese exporters reluctant to sign long list, to circumvent the exchange rate risk. The guangzhou fair short list a record nine achievement is example.

The more significant influence lies in the traditional labor-intensive faces change, department of foreign trade company WenZhongLiang think, vice secretary yuan appreciation will accelerate the pace DaoBi transformation and upgrading of Chinese enterprises.

Although to design, brand to win the enterprise also faced great pressure of RMB appreciation from ningbo operators, but the development principle, kodak still insist on his product successfully penetrated euramerican upper men's casual clothing market, exporting to Europe, 7 into enterprise finally have high price and more RMB exchange rate changes to the room for manoeuvre.

RMB exchange rate appreciation is a stream of Chinese export enterprise cannot avoid pressure, labor-intensive foreign trade pattern will tend to collapse, technology innovation and brand building, design refurbished will increasingly be concentrated in the "made in China", although the process is numerous, but sources of stress will no doubt revaluation in which the most important role play.

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