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How to think about China between asean trade deficit?
Author:    Release Date :2011-5-3   Views: 1904

In the first quarter of this year, China's foreign trade appear 10.2 billion dollar deficit, this is the first time since 2004 appear quarterly trade deficit. One year to the first quarter with asean trade, Chinese deficit of $65.9, second only to China and Australia deficit 104.5 billion dollars. Forehead Therefore, it is economic circles personage proposal, China should take measures to reduce or cancellation of the asean trade deficit.

This issue, China's chief china-asean business experts XuNingNing analysis, the deficit in asean trade in China, reflecting the supply chain of both sides, China needs to asean countries products, embodies the Chinese big market is open to asean expand export brings good. Asean is China open the market the important beneficiaries, asean economic growth needs to attract foreign investment and expand exports as its important economic pillar. And the asean economic growth is east Asia economic growth, to east Asia part of the stability of the region, be helpful for china-asean free trade, be helpful for the development of east Asia economic integration. Asean economic if not stable, it may cause instability, appear to social unrest, it also does not conform to the implementation of the good-neighborly foreign policy.

Now, the gutty voice said, China is intended to asean deficit in political pull asean. To this, XuNingNing not agree. His analysis: "China and ten asean countries trade, mainly concentrated in China and Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, accounting for these three countries. China and asean surged 62.4 percent from the first big trade products are electronic product, this is the foreign multinational companies in China and asean implement electronic industrial division between the responsible. Trade along the deficit is mainly composed of production structure and consumption structure decides. Moreover, China and asean in and open markets, the enterprise has the very big business autonomy, enterprise pursuit its trade revenue maximization, not by the government to control the deficit." trade

XuNingNing stressed that since last January 1st China and asean zero-tariff policy since implementation, the parties enterprise cooperation increasingly close, trade has a rapid development. However, zero tariff is only a year, both trade creation is still far from full out, this is mainly because, one is still many companies don't understand or didn't make good use of free trade policy; 2 it is both the industry zero-tariff abutting and cooperation fledgling market opening each other after has not formed the new industry chain. To improve the productivity of the china-asean free trade, we must create a new industry chain, this also is consolidate both economic relationship and make it big development necessary conditions.

At present, China and asean open markets are still in the first stage, the start of the second stage, want to make comprehensive, close contact, in-depth industry to realize open market, combining with industrial upgrading, thus effectively promote the common economic growth. Therefore, it is imperative to actively implementing both industry docking.

XuNingNing said in October last year, held China - asean leaders meeting in the future, premier wen jiabao will develop relations between China and asean forward six Suggestions, including the first point suggest it is both sides "establish industry cooperation mechanisms". In the first quarter of this year, China farm machinery industry association, China stone association, Chinese auto industry association, Chinese food and packing machinery industry association, China printing and printing equipment industrial association, Chinese household appliances association, nearly 20 national trade association and has China - asean business council established a strategic cooperation partnership, signed a cooperative agreement, active with asean countries related industries. The docking

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