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Europe and France continues to increase imports of textiles
Author:    Release Date :2010-10-14   Views: 1781

The textile newspaper reported 12, if in the first half of this year compared with usual France and Europe from China, relatively reduced
And Asia clothing imports from Asia (including the textiles import Mediterranean) rose by 16%. All European
The main supplier alliance sales have increased significantly, the brunt of Chinese textile imports is 21% increase, and for 32 million euros
, Second is the second Turkish, increased 13%, The third is the Indian 11%, The fourth is Pakistan 11%
, Indonesia and Egypt were ranked first 10 and 11 import, 30% and 31%.

Reports say this year, also head seven months, France has also increased textile imports, 9%. The imported from Asia
Rose 11%, From the Mediterranean imports rose by 17%, China's second-largest supplier for the French minister textile, sales growth
17%, Contrary to the first eight, India by 1%, Turkey row supplier 6th, stronger-than-expected 18%, The Tunisian ranking 11th
By 20%.

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