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The Chinese media say may terminate Argentina soybean import ban
Author:    Release Date :2010-10-13   Views: 1729

    On October 12th, according to media reports the news may terminate, China has continued for six months of soybean import ban on actual Argentina.

Reuters, China has sources said yesterday it will last for six months of soybean import ban in Argentina, but the actual current is not the final decision. Because most of the Argentine soybean oil has been sold to other place, the oil imports to restart the Argentina won't occur after a massive imports.

Report says, the sources are corrected after media reports, the media said only two large-scale state-owned company - Chinese cereals, oils and foodstuffs import and export (group) Co., LTD. And China's grain reserves management companies shall have the right to import Argentina soybean oil. But sources believe all traders can import Argentina soybean oil.

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