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In the Marine cargo and groceries have what differentiation?
Author:    Release Date :2010-9-30   Views: 1593

The main distinction for bulk refers mainly to coal, ore, long ShiSha, lithium mineral as packaging cargo. But generally does not include the bulk of crude oil, and other bulk liquid and gaseous chemical of. Grocery: also called a grocery. There is usually packing of the goods. If the goods box or barrels.

In addition, in the container cargo before, all dry groceries shipping, are in bulk to the shipment by. His handling can completely on human to a box a box to come, and not the loading and unloading in rainy day. Now only international trade, coal, ore, fertilizer, grain, commodity is the steel products in bulk to shipment. There is on domestic rivers. Bulk freight is according to the level and sizes/ton to the freight charges, so not lower than the bulk freight container.

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