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Logistics, no low carbon have no future
Author:    Release Date :2010-10-8   Views: 3368

In our eyes, more and more people are only know logistics is through the cars, ships, aircraft, and few goods transportation logistics can relate to carbon emissions.

The fact is, we now live in logistics industry, the social environment, plays a role of high carbon emitter.

A survey showed that only transportation is the second-largest oil consumption of manufacturing industry, oil consumption of oil consumption society of 33%. Any mode of transport emissions of carbon dioxide proportion of freight cars, car: 52 and shipping 6%, 31 percent, railway and other 3%.

In the future, low carbon economy development of the world economy is our permanent requirements, as the second-largest oil consumption industries to go "green logistics naturally. No low carbon emissions logistics will have no future.

Whether coal, oil or gas, carbon is an important part of fossil fuels. Carbon fuel made atmospheric co2 concentration in the rapid increase, from before the industrial revolution of the 370ppm 280ppm today. If current trends continue the use of fossil fuels, by the end of the century, carbon dioxide concentrations, and 700ppm May exceed this may lead to global climate rose 1.4 ° c and 5.8 degrees Celsius, bad weather, many more frequent natural ecosystem was destroyed.

Thus, as the second-largest oil consumption, the logistics industry gradually became the international energy saving and emission reduction.

In fact, the current domestic logistics has huge energy conservation and emission reduction in space.

Extensive and low efficiency of the logistics operation mode, the energy consumption and caused a waste of energy. The international standard of cargo is 95% ~ 98% and domestic logistics ZhuangZaiLv only 50% ~ 60%. Through the transport routes reasonable layout and planning, transport routes to shorten ZhuangZaiLv vehicles, improve and redemption low-power transport vehicles, can achieve the goal of low carbon logistics building.

Logistics emissions must start. Domestic logistics industry also should establish the concept of low carbon development.

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