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In the global scope of DHL announced raised mail January 1st
Author:    Release Date :2010/10/9   Views: 1749
Fedex news on October 9 - DHL recently declared that the number of units in the global price small area, including Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa, the postage hike in January 2011 1st.
Europe's postage by an average of 1-4, involving 25 European countries. Asia-pacific postage by an average of 4%. DHL (asia-pacific) announced that Singapore is expected to rise 2% charges.
Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa postage by an average of 3-7, from 1 January 2011. Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the united Arab emirates quartet postage is expected to rise by 5%. The price hike in North America announced yet.
DHL company says, considering the company's 220 countries and regions and rising costs of inflation, the company annual fees. The price adjustment will vary with local conditions, applicable to all company has signed with the DHL customers of the contract.
A spokesman for the company, DHL JorgWiedemann CEP - true to that in some countries, considering the inflation rate high, and some countries no inflation rates, so average rise is according to different countries and the inflation rate is calculated.
Wiedemann added, DHL in the global scope to raise prices are part of the company policies, the company will be announced in different price increase policy.
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