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The most obvious shipping nearly a decade of 0/1 stereotypically cliched male-fantasy point!
Author:    Release Date :2010/10/9   Views: 1696
Since in 2010 automatics liner companies seem recently.
Marine news on October 9 - "September shipment is traditional Christmas season, the liner companies are meant to increase by more than $300 surcharge of freight, but finally ended in failure. Senior shipping experts WuMingHua tells a reporter, some liner companies with more than $100 a small price to win victory, some liner companies did not increase success.
China ocean holdings Co., LTD investors relations manager Ming east confirmed this situation. "Australia routes near futures is stable, due to the factors of traditional season comes in September, shipping companies implementing two rounds of freight recovery plan, but not completely rise expected, freight only a modest rise."
Facts have proved that the lower price failure is a prelude to outsourcing. Now, is facing the liner companies. The freight successively
King manager is a forwarder company Qingdao old employees, he said in the recent ten years, never meet this year so obvious "stereotypically cliched male-fantasy point. 0/1."
"July, almost all routes have appeared blasting, freight and even reached the highest level, everyone. But the real weakness is optimistic to the traditional September season, but began to appear weak quantity of goods," 11 "near, nearly 20% of the business backbone began on vacation, because the market is really light."
Once let the liner companies earned piles, the first appeared in Europe routes. "Europe in the course of freight fifty dollars a week/box drop speed. 2010 peak rushed over $2,200 freight is only $1600, now." The impact generated top told reporters
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