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China has become a global, DHL network is one of the fastest growing market
Author:    Release Date :2010/10/11   Views: 1786
Fedex news on October 11 - DHL CEO Lin has said: in the greater China region economy has become the global network of one of the fastest growing market in mainland China, and the future of the small and medium-sized enterprises in its business will play an important role in growth.
Elegant Lin, with the mind called "who know more about China's" a new global promotion plan, travel-stained to come to Beijing. According to understand, this promotion plan is targeting of small and medium-sized enterprises worldwide key industries and enterprises, and choose to release China do first.
Lin said: "for the economy development opportunity for the overseas enterprise cross-border express service meaning is self-evident. Whatever customers or DHL global power and local expertise can help the enterprises to establish a quick response to the market's transport system. It is more about who ' 'promotion plan want to convey a core information."
Statistics show that in the asia-pacific region last year, more than 170 million tickets freight DHL, its air freight, sea over 210 tons of freight 98.5 million standard containers to.
Lin, the greater China region economy in the world economy continues to play an important role in the region, China is in the development of the engine. But the engine's third wave is coming, it is the small and medium-sized enterprises in mainland China. And the first and second promote China as a wave of engine is multinational company manufacturing base and the Chinese enterprise growth after export products.
Then, the pressure on the appreciation of RMB is facing. Lin, now that the economy will affect China's exports, also won't affect DHL business development in China. Because China is the world economic development, the engine, and even exported declined further renminbi, Chinese manufacturing enterprises will reduce the price to remain competitive advantage. But a great deal from overseas, will also make raw material purchasing Chinese product cost greatly.
According to the introduction, in China, DHL campaign will revolve "who knows more about the topic of China", China and the world market for DHL unique opinion and help customer to explore business ability. According to the latest DHL promotion plan, in global 30 countries, including India, Brazil, Mexico, Britain, Germany and other important markets, plan on October 4, start-up and lasted until December
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