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The rail transport "dance" modern port logistics
Author:    Release Date :2010-10-12   Views: 1606

Opportunity: container transportation development expedites the rail transport
"The iron is import and export goods shipped coastal harbor by railway directly by ship or goods shipped, arrive from shipping harbor, by railway along the only" time out, check and release "can complete the whole process of transportation mode of transportation.

In recent years, along with the rapid development of ports, transportation system from the port of transportation cost, stability and safety operation, or from the energy saving, environmental protection, and the development of western China is needed, speed up the construction of etc of railway transport international standard container of the rail transport become optimization of container transport structure is one of the most effective ways.

The ministry said the water PengCuiGong, strengthening our country ports, railway, inland transportation system construction of container, there are three aspects: firstly, the benefit China in eastern and southern blooms, accelerate container intermodal transportation, especially the construction of system, will greatly enhance the communication between the eastern and western regions, promoting the development of export-oriented economy in the Midwest, Secondly, to enlarge interior and scope to ports in China's coastal and better use of the resources of the changjiang river port, Moreover, China's logistics development also urged the railway port and accelerate transportation system, in order to form good multimodal transport system.

In addition, the "11th five-year plan" period, vigorously develop railway container transport is an important developing direction of port logistics. According to the plan, the transportation will overall planning, rational layout, transportation infrastructure, completes various modes of transportation, promote each other container intermodal transportation, and express services, promoting the integration of transportation. Therefore, the rail transport has become the focus problem of social circles, and its development has good policy environment and potential.

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