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Air transport goods size
Author:    Release Date :2010-10-12   Views: 1677

According to the gross weight of goods, unit of measurement for kilograms. Shortage in weight 1kg digit rounded. Each of the air waybill goods shortage in weight 1kg, press 1 kilogram computation. According to the actual weight valuables and computing unit for 0.1 kilograms.

The plane carrying goods, big per piece goods weight generally does not exceed 80 kilograms, volume generally does not exceed 40 x 60 * 100 centimeters. Wide-bodied aircraft carriage of goods, everything goods weight usually less than 250 kilograms, volume generally does not exceed 100 * 100 * 140 centimeters. More than above weight and volume of the goods, the carrier may according to the type of the source and destination airport and unloading equipment conditions, the biggest collector goods can determine weight and volume.

Each item the length, width and height of the sum of not less than 40 centimeters.

Cargo volume per kilogram of more than 6,000 cubic centimeters, for light bubble goods. Light to each bubble goods 6000 cubic centimetres over 1 kg weight.

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