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Shipping bulk cargo into the traditional season
Author:    Release Date :2010/10/13   Views: 1869
Enter autumn festival, is a global bulk cargo, but this year the traditional season global shipping container ship, new supply glut, still have increased 6.1% pressure, the fourth quarter BDI index and tariff growth momentum, I will still be restrained.
Every year, the fourth quarter because of the demand of coal for many days, the grain harvest in autumn turn, shipping bulk cargo transport market is always the traditional season.
But even if shipping bulk cargo entering the fourth quarter, new ships in traditional season excess shadow flick, 4th quarter BDI index and the freight prices, if have the breakthrough, difficult.
BDI2010 years wandering in more than 2,000 to 3,000 points of low-grade interval, is one of the key new ship oversupplied.
According to statistics, research institutions, shipping Clarkson global ocean container ship by 2010 year 6.1 percent increase. Number
Although the fourth season is a new ship BDI index of excess pressure, shipping company, other think because winter season, easy shipping harbor port, shipping stagnation, plug the sailing time longer, how many would ease the pressure.
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