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China's export growth in September, the surplus to reduce 25.1% nearly five months low - customs
Author:    Release Date :2010/10/14   Views: 1856

Traffic transportation minister li shenglin attended the 30th anniversary of the establishment of shenzhen special economic zone of shenzhen, after celebrating the maritime transportation logistics development and management of investigation and research. He pointed out that, the shenzhen special economic zone is established for 30 years, traffic career has accomplished remarkable achievements, system reform and the development level of the whole transportation in the cities are in a leading position. He hopes to shenzhen, maritime traffic department to the spirit of reform and innovation, the SAR for economic and social development, provide services. Municipal CPC committee, vice mayor LvRuiFeng accompanied by yesterday.

Within two days, li shenglin successively in shenzhen futian investigated transport hub, DaChan bay port and dock, former shekou SCT sea logistics park and moreover, listen to the shenzhen area etc, shenzhen maritime transportation committee of guangdong maritime and reporting

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