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EBay in logistics solutions and postal perfect
Author:    Release Date :2010/10/14   Views: 1765

China's e-commerce research center in silence after years), global e-commerce giant eBay to look again in the Chinese market.
Recently, eBay China post and announced to the U.S. postal signed a cooperative agreement. This cooperation relationship with electronic commerce center for American express services, to provide. The cooperation agreement with eBay hope, perfect logistics solutions, in China's producers and consumers build convenient between U.S. sales channels.

EBay company vice President and greater China and south LiaoGuangYu President, said China's e-commerce market is growing rapidly, last year has more than four dimensions of market trillion yuan. The U.S. postal administration and the China post is a global logistics and transport industry leader, cooperation on eBay will benefit. (international financial)

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