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Bill of lading in how? I help you
Author:    Release Date :2010-10-14   Views: 1670

Bill: -

- port of shipment: fill goods, and in subsequent starting to happen business through the country or region. Entry three or four correct port for empty; code,

Arrive destination: input - 5 correct domestic areas for empty; code,

Owner: customs -- to manifest declaration of detailed unit name owner. The data must fill out!

Unloading location: input - 5 correct domestic areas for empty; code,

Name: using Chinese characters, goods import and export of goods input

Date: 8 - imported input number format is year after year, month YYYYMMDD (every day, must conform to the calendar,) will be passed. The date for the carriage.

Don: entry clearance - declare customs declaration of four correct location of the code, according to the customs and collation

-- the total number, number of goods.

Packing: packing -- such as bag style, boxes, bags, casks, etc.,.

Weight: the bill of lading, corresponding to the number of total weight, container unit for kg (fixed);"

In the bill of lading, volume: the total number of corresponding container, fixed for cubic meters (units);"

Container number -- : every bill of lading corresponding container quantity

The contract no. : import goods, the detailed in the contract or agreement, "and Numbers and accessories

Monetary: input - three correct monetary code, the program shows monetary name, If the total cost of the goods for 0, monetary item must be empty,

The total import and export goods, goods worth

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