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Wuhan: central maximum logistics center will be built
Author:    Release Date :2010/10/15   Views: 1796

On October 15, logistics news recently, provincial party committee issued the promoting the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure adjustment
Economic development mode change some opinions of the third party logistics, push forward energetically, wuhan city circle, "appropriate (chang
) design (state) design (the door) "and" (fan) ten (including weirs) with (state) "three logistics circles, the construction of wuhan in construction
Department of bonded logistics centers.

The opinion that in low carbon development in wuhan city circle pilot, establish low carbon development, exploration area demonstration experiment
Carbon development mode and effective operation mechanism. To establish and perfect the policy to promote the development of low carbon to implement the system of hubei province, with gas
Weathering action plan changes, actively develop the clean development mechanism (CDM) international mutual trade

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