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The logistics cost is low carbon enormous pressure
Author:    Release Date :2010/10/15   Views: 1904

On October 15 - Germany board chairman and CEO of postal dhl-sinotrans AnPeng (Frank Appel), the company in the representatives of carbon emissions
At least the tens of millions of euros investment, and puts forward the carbon emissions by 2020 than 2007 reduced 30% of clear goals.

Market risk! Retail investors should leave as soon as possible? What share worth manchang buy? Some stocks will likely rise 50! institutions
Money has big change from the airline industry only, from 2012, as long as it is in the area of land
International flights, must abide by "the total amount control system", namely with pay carbon emissions fees. According to eu now standard,
China's civil aviation to 2012 will only pay approximately 8 billion RMB.

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