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Ma yun's determination in the logistics solutions to social logistics self-built
Author:    Release Date :2010-10-22   Views: 1854

Logistics news on October 21 - dragons and even the entire alibaba group has made the plan to internal operation of concrete logistics, self-built is this year in taobao 52 cities established points, in order to solve the problem of logistics development examing dragons. At the same time, this person will also revealed that alibaba.com and logistics company shareholder part in their cooperative storage. However, the sources, "treasure still doesn't reached the logistics distribution, also doing in front of logistics company won't grab the job."

It is reported, current dragons in Beijing, Shanghai, chengdu has established distribution center, is still in more than 20 provinces and logistics companies established points. According to the idea of "hope ma, 5-8 years in the factory, the company stock, best not to direct delivery goods in whole China ali over 20 cities, through the warehouse of the information platform, enterprise can quickly the goods to user.

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