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2011 quarter is expected to increase container ship orders
Author:    Release Date :2010-10-25   Views: 2385

According to the French maritime consultation institutions (Alphaliner) analysts according to history of container ship orders received the order, hand-held records rapidly digested and trade foreground of rapid change, will make the 2011 quarter received new container ship orders to recover.

Since July 2008, the global container ship orders with shipyard continued decline in 22 months for container shipping experience, the longest recession. By 2010, on May 1st hand-held global shipyard container ship orders, 416 million teu 665 ship, equivalent to existing container ship fleet capacity of 31%, already from July 2008 peak of 702 million teu (equivalent to 60% of the container transport fleet was greatly decreased). In November 2007, with highest global shipyard container ship orders to the container transport fleet at 64. Based on the current delivery schedule and container ship from now until the end of the year hypothesis, not received new orders to December 2010, global container ship orders with shipyard will decline to transport, equivalent to existing 314 million teu per container transport fleet.

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