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Western guangdong port open to new shipping routes in Latin America
Author:    Release Date :2010-10-25   Views: 2385

Western guangdong port open to Latin America. New From shenzhen shekou container terminals (SCT) that, along with the global Marine industry, and the comprehensive recovery of two new routes connecting the dock.

Among them, the faster ALX line from Latin - hanjin shipping, with comprehensive shipping, sea star, Chile, shipping and herb robben. Five shipping company in this course configuration 11 capacity for 3400 teu of ships. Airlines will meet on Sunday, and its affiliated SCT ports in busan - Shanghai - ningbo - yantian - Hong Kong - shekou - Singapore - durban - Rio DE janeiro - santos - Buenos Aires - Montevideo - Rio DE janeiro - santos - Hong Kong - - - Singapore durban Pusan.

Another new route is Thailand - Vietnam airlines, the airline by large TVH xinhua ships (yantai) Co., LTD and aerospace industry, good for both companies each joint into a capacity for 1,200 teu of ships. Friday, SCT TVH affiliated to the ports in Hong Kong - shekou - Lin check class - Bangkok - Lin check class - ho. This course will be opened for the south China region intercourse Thailand, Vietnam goods offer more convenient transportation.

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