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October China shipping market container average index analysis report
Author:    Release Date :2010-11-1   Views: 2345

October this year just passed, the last quarter of shipping market has again the curtain, like the sudden "cold" general, this month China container price market has frequently "shock", because the market peak has terminated early and market supply capacity, the prophase to shipping enterprise concern in the fourth quarter fares downtrend had emerged.

According to China's international shipping nets released by the China shipping market container average index (" blue nets average index ") shows the whole October, China export container quotation, Europe, North America, line line drop fell 4.9% 6.6%, Mediterranean line fell 4.7 percent, including the Middle East line fell 13.2%, only Macao of new and jal routes price is flat and overall performance view, most are falling trend, minority flat.

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