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Shenzhen container shipping market buoyancy
Author:    Release Date :2010-11-8   Views: 2304

A few days ago, shenzhen transportation committee revealed that this year in the previous three ShenZhenGang throughput, already close to 17 million teu, expected annual container throughput likely exceed 20 million teu. Achieve 2008 pre-crisis levels. This data fits most container HaiYunJie people expected. As the chairman Peter [pan Pacific] shipping Asia Tirchwell said: "for a container shipping enterprise and port, by 2010 is good year."

Benefited from the macro economy gradually resuscitation, shipping market of buoyancy and other factors, this year's container shipping market chanting, make the cargo and freight rate above are increased greatly. In ShenZhenGang, 1 ~ 9 months of container throughput average each month and maintained a 30% of increase. In the latest three quarterly, the shipping listed enterprise does not have the whole year's performance expectations share.

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