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Toll roads are brewing overall decline
Author:    Release Date :2011-5-3   Views: 2442
Freeway tolling is expected to decline
"Loan payments" is charging road, national highway developed rapidly one of important policies. Our 95% of the highway, 61% of the level of roads, 42% of secondary roads all depend on toll roads built the policy.
But in recent years, along with the increase of people travel frequency for toll roads, questioned freeway tolling especially sound is more and more strong, this year "guard deparement reduce charges site, reduce the freeway tolling etc. Topic also become representatives and members the focus of hot debate.
Relevant departments have started concern. Some of the public comment from official toll roads to see, for reducing the reform, have given some positive signals.
January 18, deputy minister of transportation in countries WengMengYong new do news conference said turnpike policy with development, also exposed some defects in charge of relevant policies, need to further regulate and perfect.
The next day, in 2011, China logistics development report meeting, deputy secretary ZongGeSi CaiYuHe further ministry said that at present the traffic department of transportation was in considering turnpike standard reduce toll roads, communications are studying standard and system, the current highest charges of toll roads of 30 years of standards could extend, at the same time the charge standard will decline.
And this one idea, it is also currently explore highway reform thinking - extended fees fixed number of year, cut fees. Sources said that at present the reform thought of is discussed for the new highway, will according to certain accounting methods, extend charge deadline, reasonably reduce the charging standards. And for those who have already been withdrawn loan freeways, are considering only charge very low cost, to meet the daily maintenance and management needs.
"Because of highway maintenance and management expenses is very high, if the abolition of all those who have the loans freeway tolling, national finance and local financial is still hard to afford such a pen spending." These people said.
In the end, the 17th expressway management work conference, director of communications network management WuChunGeng road bureau raised in the meeting, at present to the ministry of toll roads are regulations on the administration of the revision of toll roads, will further improve the development policy, the establishment of a more perfect turnpike fees fixed number of year and charging standard adjustment mechanism.
Subsequently, issued by cicc, researchers reported turnpike industry administrative restrictions relax, it will open space, and enhance the long-term growth industry industrial investment value.
Looking forward to grade highway revoked charges
Domestic toll road is already restless. According to the China federation of logistics &purchasing, current statistics released by the cost of logistics industry, road tolling accounted for more than one-third of the total cost.
In march of this year, the transportation department of transportation spokesman in routine HeJianZhong press conference that will study constructing "two network system", namely overall development mainly in highway low-cost, high efficiency "turnpike system" and in ordinary highway mainly manifests the government of universal service "the turnpike system". Future "the turnpike system" will account for national highway total mileage 96% of above.
In fact, the fuel in China last year to cancel a "reform" and so on six charges included at the same time, east and west, in government loans secondary road tolling also cancelled gradually. According to the traffic department of transportation public data, the 2009, the national level 2 and above higher toll roads 42.52 million kilometers for mileage. By the end of 2010, has cancelled secondary road tolling 9 million kilometers.
"Will the government loan western region of secondary road tolling canceling gradually, at the same time, also cancelled first class road fee, this is a kind of ideas." The sources told a reporter, "is only fuel tax reform, government loans of secondary roads have made local government debt problem, if the pressure from the ideas on reform, may be hard."
But he thinks, this does not mean simply not solved. "If we can each year from fuel tax increment part, take out a part of the money, intensify the second-grade highways, and first class road subsidies, is a solution."
"Highway is a kind of public products, theoretically, should by public financial offer. But China's situation is special, the past because the underdevelopment of economy, can only rely on such patterning developed first. With the development of China's economy, should consider the government more bear." China federation of logistics &purchasing, vice President of CuiZhong pay said.
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