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The far east shipping comments: quantity and price fell, all that existed to temporarily difficult
Author:    Release Date :2011-5-3   Views: 3116

The main container ship fell to clinch a deal valence quantity qi owner and broker some look pale charter market future prospects, but the landlord is hard to say exactly where to temporarily clearly.
"The true charter market now it difficult to grasp." An agent says.

The trend of 1,700 TEU ship he proved particularly wasn't sure. "On the one hand, sight market some ship nobody to rent, on the other hand, have to clinch a deal price is very competitive." He said.

The "Sevillia under Ahrenkiel shipowners, build (2008) and Germany, 1795 TEU Carsten Rehder all" shipowners Tasman Strait "number (2008, 1713 TEU), built CengYongMing" Ocean Emerald "date, has hired gave maersk, rent of 12500 dollars/day, a term shorter, no more than one year.

In addition, amounted to fly rented "Rijnborg" number (2006, 1692 TEU), build fourteen thousand dollars per day, rent will be used for business in Europe. According to broker introduction, this price quite "to force".

Million sea shipping, rented a ship type B170 Wehr Ottensen ", ship "(1997) to perform, built a trip 1728 TEU round about 11,500 rent voyage $/ day. According to his agent says, after the ship has been deserted for several weeks.

"I believe that the market is just playing a nap." A Hamburg's agent said. "Optimism will be back. He added.

However, the current market sentiment apparently have already changes. With high oil prices and low fares under the dual quashing, there are more and more people expect the shipping company as the performance this year would dramatically last year.

Meanwhile, chartering markets would also suffer from April to may deliver during the impact of a new ship.

France shipping consultancy, said this month Alphaliner has 21 new ship delivery, total capacity of 143 million TEU. April - 5 months, will also have more than 40 million TEU new capacity delivery.

In 2000 TEU - 3000 TEU ship, Mediterranean shipping rented "Kalamata" number (1991, 2932 TEU), built after the ship that TCC leasing management Dragon ", the "California, the relet rent of 13,000 dollars/day, a term 12 months. TCC already in has announced stop liner business operation, distance they begin to pan too line management but a year.

In addition, supposedly, Mediterranean shipping and da fly also has rented the other TCC fleet number vessel.

Dutch rented "Nile Wehr Bille" number (2002), build, 2500 TEU lease 12 months, the rent is 14,000 dollars/day. Maersk is rented "Frisia Loga" number (2006 2478 TEU), built, lease 6 months, the rent is 14250 dollars/day.

More than 3,000 TEU, ship taiping shipping rented "Northern Divinity" number (1997), build, 3607 TEU lease 12 months, the rent is 20750 dollars/day. "CSAV Renaico" number (2007 3534 TEU), built by relet gives cnooc, a term 30 days, the rent is 19850 dollars/day.

This week, the broker, agencies released each container ship landlord index continues down. The Braemar BOXi index tumbled 1.25 point, quote 101.1 points. Hamburg shipbrokers association issued by the last week of the new ConTex index dropped to 706 point 714 points. However, it is still higher than the point when mid-march, suggesting that the market recently although have fall but momentum not violent.

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