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Foreign trade terms - merchandise
Author:    Release Date :2011-5-3   Views: 1538

We addressed

Our inquiry to the firm (enquiries).

Weaddressedourinquirytothefirm. The inquiry received from the firm, we have a reply.

Weansweredtheinquiryreceivedfromthefirm. My company, the company has received the inquiry.

Wehaveaninquiryforthegoodsreceivedfromthefirm. We invited inquiries for the goods from the customers.

Weinvitedinquiriesforthegoodsfromthecustomers. Will you please let a list of items that are imported by you.

Willyoupleaseletushavealistofitemsthatareimportedbyyou. Glad to have your specific inquiry.

Weshallbegladtohaveyourspecificinquiry. Please send us the quotation and sample could? Please pour the.

Because this time Wouldyoucaretosendussomesampleswiththequotations. Order forms part of a contract, please provide the best conditions.

Pleaseputusonyourbestterms, asthisorderformspartofacontract. Please inform in cash discount terms and discount.

As regards discount Pleasestateyourbesttermsanddiscountforcash. Please put us on your very best shipping terms.

Pleaseputusonyourverybestshippingtermsasregardsdiscount. Please inform the commodity price and quality.

Pleaseletushaveinformationastothepriceandqualityofthegoods. Please made in Japan, including synthetic fiber goods, such as nylon, vinylon, and saran the lowest price.

Pleasequoteusyourlowestpriceforsundrygoods includingsyntheticfibergood, includingsyntheticfibergoods suchasnylon, vinylon, andsaranmadeinJapan, j, kindly faour us with the lowest cash price.

Kindlyfavouruswiththelowestcashpriceforthegoods. Please let us have your company can supply quantities of best refined sugar prices.

Kindlyletusknowatwhatpriceyouareabletodeliverquantitiesofbestrefinedsugar. Please quote for 50 bales middling Texas cotton for November delivery is the lowest price?

Atwhatlowestpricecanyouquotefor50balesmiddlingTexascottonforNovember? Please quote ten CWT cork (bottle) plug the lowest price.

Pleasequoteusthelowestpricefortencwt. BestCork. Please quote for the above goods shipped to our factory delivery of the lowest price.

Weshallbeobligedbyaquotationofyourlowestpriceforthesaidgoodsfreedeliveredatourworks. Please send me your catalogue together with quotations.

Ishallbegladifyouwillsendmeyourcataloguetogetherwithquotations. Please quote us your lowest prices for the goods.

Pleasequoteusyourlowestpricesforthegoods. Your letter of July 1, the commodity preferential terms enquiry unitl today.

Enquiringaboutthebesttermsofthegoods. If WehavereceivedyourletterofJuly1, receive your enquiries for the mechanical products what inquiry, we will watch gratitude. Weshallbepleasedtoreceiveyourenquiriesforthemachineries. If you can inform details regarding the commodities will be appreciated.

Wewouldappreciatereceivingdetailsregardingthecommodities. If you will let us know the ruling prices of the goods, would be very grateful.

Wewouldappreciateitifyouwillpleaseletusknowtherulingpricesofthegoods. Enquiries to accept our terms are 2% ten days, thirty days net payment discount without discount.

Ourtermsare2 % tendays, thirtydaysnet. Inoice within 10 days from the date of allow a cash discount on payments.


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