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Our export drawback policy function of again orientation
Author:    Release Date :2011-5-3   Views: 1779

In international trade practice, exit drawback has become an international practice. According to WTO rules requirements, each member country can execute drawback of our country export products, but the maximum tax export products in China cannot exceed already levy taxes. In this context, each member can according to their own economic development needs and national finance bear ability, determine appropriate exit drawback level. Reasonable export drawback policy use, can enhance the international competitiveness of nation of export products, and through the export impetus function to promote economic growth. Since 1985, when the recovery in China since implement exit drawback policy for export drawback policy, has carried on many times the adjustments. The global financial crisis in many times, after again raised export drawback, so as to expand exports, promote economic growth. But the author thinks this is just a temporary measures, in the long run, China's export drawback policy adjustment should be subject to alleviate the to foreign trade imbalance, promote economic growth is the change in the pattern of basic goals.

A, our export drawback policy choices

Throughout our export drawback policy development, exit drawback policy adjustment mainly undertakes the four aspects the policy goal: trade objectives, industrial structure target, financial goals and exchange rate targets. Economic development in different period, the political, economic, international trade environment different, exit drawback policy will bear different functions. Since 1985, our recovery since the implementation of export drawback policy, in 2003, which can be divided into two phases boundary: the first stage of the Lord; adjusts the amount adjustment The second stage from since 2003, countries are beginning to pay attention to structure adjustment.

(a) in 1985-2002: mainly in total adjustment

In this period, our exit drawback policy adjustment mainly serve foreign economic flow and stock balanced adjustment, execute the difference there or the export tax rebate system.

Due to the rapid increase in imports in 1985, our country current account appeared as high as 114 billion dollar deficit, nearly 4% of GDP. In order to encourage exports, the government launched from 1973 had cancelled exports drawback policy. Can say, China's foreign economic management that the flow imbalance is serious government restore export drawback policy main reasons. From 1994 to 1996, our country for three years, and the current-account surplus also appear surplus increased in China that led directly to the export tax rebate rate cut in 1996. Due to the influence of southeast Asian financial crisis in 1998, China increased export drawback again.

From China's foreign economic stock namely foreign net debt positions of the situation, 1985 China's foreign exchange reserves, only 26 billion dollars in debt balance during the same period but rapid growth, reached 158 billion dollars. Foreign exchange reserve/debt balance ratio, and according to the international 16.64% only accepted standards, this ratio should be more than 100%, less than 80% came into alert. Therefore, in 1985, China's foreign debt has actually enter "super emergency", this is our country government when large scope with high tax and restore export drawback policy tax directly responsible. From 1994 began, China's foreign net debt rapid contraction, to 1996 left with net debt 112.2 million dollars, so, when the to the export tax rebate rate cut. In 1997, the first appeared nearly 20 years not happened 89.3 billion dollars in foreign net debt, but the impact of southeast Asian financial crisis in 1998, China appeared again 1.08 billion of foreign debt, led to the export tax rebate rate once again raised.

(2) since 2003, begin to notice structure adjustment

During this period, our country the flow and stock of foreign economic imbalances have been resolved, and export drawback policy adjustment gradually turned to through the difference export drawback design optimization of the structure of export products.

Starting in 1994, China's current-account surplus appeared to continue. 2001 to 2003, the current-account surplus, showing the rapidly growing in the sustainability of current-account surplus. Meanwhile, China's foreign net debt also appeared a growing trend, 2003 China's foreign net debt close to $200 billion, so the government suitable reduced export drawback, at the same time for export drawback to make structural adjustment. According to different products for specific performance of the state encourages adjust drawback: products for export drawback will not bring or less drop of export products, general appropriate lowering tax on national export restrictions, the more products and some resource products came or cancel tax refund. Based on the current account surplus and foreign net creditor's rights in 2006, the rapid growth of China and further cut export drawback, broadens drawback difference amplitude. According to promote industrial structure adjustment, the need to improve the important technical equipment, part IT products and biological pharmaceutical products and parts of the state industrial policy encourages exporting high-tech products of export drawback, such as reduced or cancelled energy-intensive, high pollution, resource products of export drawback.

Second, our export drawback policy function the necessity of positioning again

The global crisis makes our total export tax rebates to refocus on, in order to deal with the financial crisis adjustment resulting from export sharply, our country since August 2008 and repeatedly raised export drawback. Judging from textiles, such as since August 1, 2008, will be part of textiles, clothing export tax rebate rate increased to 13% by 11%; Since the 2008 November 1st, and the part of textiles, clothing export tax rebate rate increased to 14%; From 2009 April 1, textiles, garments, again the export tax rebate rate increased to 16%.

From the above exit drawback practice can clearly see exit drawback policy features, export tax rebates for expanding export income, financial factors, macro economic policies and other factors and constantly adjust. Whether from the trade perspective or from a financial perspective, China's current common operation mode are export tax rebates face great challenges.

(a) increased on foreign trade easy imbalances

In our country for goods with the tax structure mainly VAT export tax rebates, due to the strength of large, in our country, produce and export commodity tax content

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