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In the country, regional customs declaration about the problems that should pay attention to fill
Author:    Release Date :2011-5-3   Views: 1636

Declaration single country (region) involved in the column should be given pay attention to the following questions:

(1) country (region) name should fill in specific country (region) name, not in the name of or provided for regional concepts such as international organizations. For example: "the Middle East," "Central America," "the west Indies," "Arab", "west Africa," "community" etc, also can't fill in the city or port name, such as "London", "Hamburg," "New York", etc.

(2) to prevent the approximate or location name of neighboring nationalist error occurs. Such as Niger and Nigeria, Morocco and Monaco, Libya and Liberia, etc.

(3) colonies, apanage to as a single district to fill, not the name of the protectorate provided it. For example, the method of caledonia into France, quoting the Sue of grenada, west merry leah, canary islands cannot fill into Spain.

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