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High circulation cost increase economic pressure wisdom logistics promote industry upgrade
Author:    Release Date :2011-5-5   Views: 2544

Recently, the standing committee of CCCPC political bureau li keqiang, vice premier of the state council chaired "1025" national key special planning working conference and speech. He says, "1025" should be compiled 18 key special planning, mainly concentrated in five aspects: to advance structural adjustment, accelerate scientific and technological innovation, strengthen energy conservation and environmental protection, the prominent improving the people's livelihood, deepen reform and opening up.
"1025" planning priority is the livelihood of the people, has been the hottest topic is social people's livelihood, and "basket" and "MiDaiZi" is improving the livelihoods of the most basic two start point. Recently, some areas appear "food base injury caused by government departments of agriculture" phenomenon great attention. Last week, the development and reform commission is the current price situation internal symposium, held this problem, the expert thinks generally, at present domestic circulation cost is too high, domestic distribution system reform urgently. Thus, the development of logistics industry again brought the parties concerned.
The logistics of pain, one change makes all change
Logistics is the thread of the our country economy, as modern service industry, the logistics fundamental industry has become the new growth point of national economy. Despite the importance of logistics highlights, but there are still "have desire" awkward situation.
Development &reform committee, said quarter release data the national social logistics total costs rose 17.9 per cent year-on-year growth reached $1.7 trillion. And last year GDP17.8 social logistics total cost compared with the ratio of, quarter % higher than 0.1 percentage points, the logistics cost up not down.
One change makes all change, high cost logistics triggered by the butterfly effect appeared unceasingly. As the National People's Congress to represent, treasure for logistics enterprise group limited company chairman and CEO says, "American" incoterms indolence, understand pain is whole China ", in economic activity, which links appear problem, from deep to see, all have great relationship with logistics."
In fact, high logistics cost is also one of the CPI remains high, but also horsevaulting impediments to economic development obstacle. The forecast for year-round CPI, bocom financial research center TangJianWei said senior macro analysts still remain 2011 year-on-year rise in the CPI rose 4.5%, will present the annual price after former high low trends, overall controllable judgment. Another data shows, in China, all kinds of product price 20% - 40% belong to the logistics cost.
Visible, the logistics cost is not only produce high has a fatal illness. But the transportation of domestic most consumer prices in important reasons.
As for the reigning e-commerce, logistics cost is high also reviled. Some experts say, from e-commerce development initial period, the logistics distribution is short board have restricted, now logistics development of e-commerce bottleneck. This is not an e-commerce sites, but the industry's problems.
For their own speaking, logistics high costs also test the logistics the survival and development of enterprises, and oil prices rose and rose, a lot of logistics enterprises are facing the already meagre profit by dilution up again, to manage difficulty increase the risk.
Good prospect, the current situation grim
In recent years, China's logistics industry has made great progress, scale, the service level have larger ascension. Policy, related department has always attached great importance to the healthy development of the logistics industry, has made a series of policies and measures. The personage inside course of study also have an olive branch, says valued. But with modern logistics development demands, China logistics industry than many problems still exist.
"Logistics soul lies in the system, logistics level is the key technology, logistics management, logistics success lies in the system." Beijing college professors WangZhiTai words materials, recognizes the problem existing currently logistics industry.
At present, China's logistics enterprise widespread low information management, information asymmetry phenomenon, especially small and medium-sized logistics enterprise is not supporting the information management system, led directly to the business development of poor, error rates appear timeliness high, cost ascension etc. Phenomenon, restrict the development of the logistics industry. In addition, logistics threshold low, the competition was particularly intense, cause the whole industry look more chaos, unable to realize efficient and smooth circulation.
The state information center forecast FanJianPing said of the director, currently China logistics transport organization way too backward to small and medium-sized enterprise give priority to, do not resemble abroad has been formed several big transportation company. These big companies can use informationization means to allocate vehicle transportation situation in our country, and transportation capacity 40 percent is racing state, often appear the situation is out is overload, back is racing. China's logistics costs than the world average high 1-2 times.
In fact, China's logistics industry is still scattered or multiple management style. Due to the system didn't straighten, departments, causing a cross between division of logistics industry management exist in intersected, departments segmentation, repeat construction problems. In addition, has formed social logistics system and enterprise logistics system because management purposes, means different, the two can't effective combination and harmony, also produce adverse effect to rationalize logistics.
In addition, the lack of logistics talents, especially familiar with modern logistics operations and logistics management compound talents shortage, always is hampering the development of logistics industry factor.

Promote wisdom logistics development
In the future five years will be the country's economic development change employment. The national economy and social development outline of the twelfth five-year plan forward, to put a big development promoting services as upgrading of the industrial structure of strategic focus. Among them, the logistics industry in the field is the most promising each branch of the industry. This is the development of logistics industry bring significant opportunities at the same time also puts forward new requirements for urgently needs a upgrade - logistics industry.
On the one hand, logistics industry overall upgrade need policy in the support and the ministry of commerce and the national development and reform commission (NDRC traffic transportation, several departments as joint operations. At the same time, should also strengthen the logistics base, logistics center and other infrastructure construction and planning, establish and perfect the logistics management system for modern logistics development, and create a good external environment.
On the other hand, for the industry itself, information technology will upgrade in logistics industry plays an important role. Recently, wisdom city, wisdom life make enough the public eye to rapidly improve informatization technology level and expanding application scope, gradually spread to various industries, logistics implementation

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