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Zhoushan 3 boat enterprises in China's foreign trade 200 strong
Author:    Release Date :2011-5-6   Views: 1701

"China's customs magazine last month, according to the general administration of customs statistics released its" 2010 Chinese trade 200 strong "JinHai zhoushan dhi Co., LTD, sail group Co., ltd., ChangShi group (zhoushan) shipbuilding Co., LTD in China" export 200 strong "enterprise, rank respectively first 87 bits, 129 bits, 168 bits.

Boating in the whole of China's foreign trade export, played a pivotal role. According to reports, the 2010 China shipbuilding shipbuilding completed quantity, new undertake ships and handheld ship order order 3 major indexes of Korea, first promotion for the victory of global shipbuilding first superpower. Among them, bulk carriers, including first recovery zhoushan bulk ship industry company export on the contribution of ship export overall growth.

According to the Chinese customs magazine published data statistics, JinHai heavy industry Co., LTD, sail group Co., ltd., ChangShi group (zhoushan) shipbuilding Co., LTD. Respectively 12.26 million dollars is export 9.49 billion dollars, $7.9 billion, with $30 billion, totaling nearly ship export is still pull the mainspring of zhoushan's foreign trade growth.

Among them, have JinHai heavy industry Co., LTD. And ChangShi group (zhoushan) shipbuilding Co., LTD. The two companies in the first quarter of 2011 DaiShanXian, mostly from shipping industry trade value. The 2011 quarter, DaiShanXian foreign trade amounted to $6.6811 ship industry, and the gross 6.5774 billion dollars for foreign trade.

Be worth what carry is, in the enterprise, the selected zhoushan JinHai heavy industry Co., LTD is particularly remarkable, because this enterprise crowded into the top 100 Chinese exports. By 2010, the company not only won the "Chinese international maritime shipyard prize for 2010," the most in annual 2010 fast-developing enterprise ", at the same time in 75.7 billion yuan, ranked the business income of Chinese private enterprise 500 list first 166 bits. By 2010, the company also first 32 tons of crude oil wheel, surpassing the record under maximum tonnage vessels in zhejiang province.

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