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  Maersk intra European airlines began operation this month 2011/5/6
  High circulation cost increase economic pressure wisdom logistics promote industry upgrade 2011/5/5
  The far east shipping comments: quantity and price fell, all that existed to temporarily difficult 2011/5/3
  Toll roads are brewing overall decline 2011/5/3
  Mediterranean shipping open 2 valencia/Montreal routes 2010/11/8
  Shenzhen container shipping market buoyancy 2010/11/8
  The Pacific freight intends to build a new ship 2010/11/3
  President ships to open China/southeast Asia airlines 2010/11/3
  The Baltic sea dry bulk freight rate index to slide 2010/11/1
  October China shipping market container average index analysis report 2010/11/1
  East/Mexico maersk will suspend season 2010/10/26
  DE xiang shipping CME line clique capacity 2010/10/26
  Western guangdong port open to new shipping routes in Latin America 2010/10/25
  2011 quarter is expected to increase container ship orders 2010/10/25
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